• Over 35 000 indexes
  • CFD, Forex, Crypto and Stocks Exchange
  • Over 150 Indicators
  • Pattern and candle analysis
  • Support and resistance levels

Technical Analysis

  • Over 150 Indicators
  • Pattern and candle analysis
  • Support and resistance levels

Fundamental Analysis

  • Check economic calendar
  • AI analyze interest rates, inflation, unemployment, and several other data.
  • DotBeeAI looks into the future

Analyse de sentiment

  • Check news
  • Find what is important
  • Verify source

Gain Power

Desktop version

From now on, have and your trading platform on one computer!

The web version provides instant access to market insights without needing to use your phone. This gives you a huge advantage as you stay focused on your trading platform while simultaneously keeping up with's real-time analyses.

  • Ready-made analyses. You don't need to ask for analyses; from now on, you receive them instantly whenever something important happens.
  • A million ideas. AI prepares the analyses on its own and comes up with potential market opportunities. You receive it in a clear format illustrated with charts.
  • You can earn more. Thanks to additional features, a whole new spectrum of opportunities for action and earning money opens up.

Thanks to screen minimization, you can view analyses and run your trading system on a single screen. The convenient switch allows easy toggling between the chat and ready-made analyses.

Only Look

Ready-made analyses.

Imagine having access to countless real-time analytics? With Dotbee, you do.

Every minutes new analysis.
Practically every minute, you receive an analysis with valuable insights that impact economic markets. You won't miss a thing, you don't need to search for anything – everything is in Dotbee.
Indicators and Patterns.
It continuously describes indicators and patterns for various intervals. If something important comes up, you get an analysis immediately.
Support and resistance lines.
From now on, you won't miss any lines on the chart. Dotbee will notify you.
Event Calendar
With Dotbee, you'll always know how the market might react to any event. We uncover all the secrets.

Every minute, a new analysis

Get the edge you need to succeed in today’s complex markets. With DotbeeAI’s real-time analysis, you can stay ahead of the curve and make the right moves at the right time. Our advanced algorithms take into account technical and fundamental factors, global situations, economic conditions, interest rates, inflation, and dozens of other variables to deliver the most accurate insights possible.

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